5 Reasons Why You May Not Own A House In Your Lifetime

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Nothing good comes easy. In fact, a bright future comes with lots of delayed gratification. Enduring the present pain for future achievements is one quality most people lack. While procrastination makes them feel comfortable with not having this attribute. Spending money on new experiences and jollification appear to be better than buying properties, but such acts might be later regretted.

The Following Are Reasons Why Most People Don’t Own A House In Their Lifetime

  1. Many hope to own a house when they get a lump sum (a huge sum of money). They dream of millions that might never come at one go. I put it to you that there is always a property you can afford at every point in time. If you can’t afford the ones in highbrow areas, go for those in fast-developing communities and stop dreaming. All present-day highly-developed communities were once rural. With installmental payment plans made available these days by estate firms and other property owners, you have no reason for not owning a property now. No home is built in a day.


  1. Some persons may never own property because they don’t know the real estate agents/dealers to trust. They fear being defrauded by unscrupulous real estate agents. My piece of advice to them is to seek the service of a lawyer to help verify their property of interest and its owner(s) before parting away with their money.

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  1. Several Nigerian females don’t make attempts to buy property because they believe it’s the responsibility of their fathers or husbands to do so. Unfortunately, when hard times come, females suffer most because they are more vulnerable to adversity than their male counterparts.


  1. Somebody once joked that if you have a LandCruiser but you neither have a land nor own a house, you should be landed a slap. Some persons may never own property because of their lust for cars, leisure, and other stuff that depreciate in value. Instead of buying real estate that constantly appreciates in value, especially in this part of the world.


  1. Most young people think they are too young to own a house now. To them, buying a property is a consideration to be made in the distant future. But it doesn’t work that way. You should buy or build one now since you can never tell what the future will bring.

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