Exposed: What A Wicked Landlady!

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The Story Of A Wicked Landlady

I never knew some property owners could be this callous until Mrs. Mabel shared her experience with us.

She moved into her husband’s apartment on her wedding night. The night was fun-filled but midway into the lovey-dovey time they were having, the generator set went off. It was at exactly 10 pm.

‘Darling, I think you need to check the gen,’ she told Oluwaniifemi. But he dismissed the need to do so. According to him, it went off because it was overdue for service.

Throughout the following week, she observed the gen set went off at the same time every night. When she made her investigation, she discovered that it is the custom of the landlady to switch it off at 10 pm on the ground that it disturbs her sleep.

‘What nonsense!’ she yelled. Her husband calmed her down because he didn’t want trouble.

At the end of the month, she bought a DSTV dish and paid the seller to install it. She watched some good TV stations in her husband’s house for the first time in her marriage. Surprisingly, Nifemi gave a ridiculous smile instead of appreciating her financial commitment to the dish.

He attends one of those religious organizations that barely watch TV sets. But that’s his business, she thought.

Mabel almost went crazy with everyone in the compound the next day. She found her dish had dismounted when she returned from work.

‘I won’t take this from you, Nifemi,’ she shouted as she stomped into the living room, slamming the door behind her. ‘You are being too sanctimonious. The bible doesn’t forbid us from watching a television set,’ Mabel added.

In a calm voice, her gentle husband responded, ‘And who said it is forbidden? Hope there’s no probs.’

Mabel gritted her teeth. ‘Why did you disconnect my dish if you don’t forbid watching it. I bought it with my money, not yours.’

Nifemi gave a ridiculous laugh. ‘You should have asked questions before you bought it. I used to have a dish but gave it out because the landlady complained that it was overweighing the roof.” That was when Mabel knew they are in a lion’s den.

They live in the flat behind the landlady’s. Most times, when visitors come asking after Nifemi and Mable, the wicked woman turns them back, saying the couple aren’t in.

Just a few months into their marriage, Mabel’s husband went outside the town for a course. On one of those days, she had a backlog of works in her office, which she decided to finish before returning home. On her drive back home, she was so held in the Lagos traffic that when she got home the gate had been locked.

It was 10 p.m. Mabel was fifteen minutes late. She knocked at the gate till 11 p.m. but got no response. Pregnant Mabel had to drive down to the Island to sleepover at a friend’s place.

The next morning, the landlady called her husband and informed him that his wife had passed the night somewhere else. That would have affected Mabel’s marriage if not that she had gained her husband’s trust on several occasions. Besides, Nifemi knows the landlady isn’t to be trusted.

One of the worse, if not the worst, incidents Mabel and Nifemi have experienced was when they woke one morning to find the dirt they had kept at the gate for LAWMA to dispose off spread in front of their door. That morning, Mabel rained curses on the forefathers and posterity of the person who spread the trash at their door. She cursed until the landlady couldn’t bear the insult anymore. The wicked woman had to admit she did it for flimsy reasons.

The landlady has a dog who backs at Mabel because he barely knows her, which made the landlady accused Mabel of being a witch one day. The accusation roused the beast in Mabel.  That day, they both fought like John Cena and Undertaker. It was at this point that Mabel made a decision to have her own property.

She called one of our staffers, who had spoken to her about owning a property, and booked an appointment with us.

Ten days ago, she walked into our office to take advantage of our valentine promoa promo that gives a plot for free for every five plots any customer buys.

She discussed the promo with five of her colleagues, who without hesitation declared their interests in the plan. They have all come to make payment, sharing the cost for the five plots among themselves.

In the course of our transactions, we offered them our consultancy service for free, intimating them about the locations that guarantee a quick appreciation in property values, documents to watch out for when buying landed property, and reasons why most people don’t own a home in their lifetime.

Now Mabel is optimistic that before the year ends, she will be liberated from the lion’s den where she lives.

***A true life story written with prior permission from the client, Mrs. Mabel Oluwanifemi Olugbemi.***


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