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Houses for Sale in Lekki: Gracias Residences

Houses for sale in Gracias Residences

Among the available houses for sale in Lekki, my team and I took special interest in Gracias Residences for 2 main reasons.
1. Gracias Residences is very affordable. When we considered that Gracias Residences shares same landmarks with Amen Estate Phase 2whose plot of land presently sells for N15,000,000, we found Gracias Residences’ 1 bedroom flat that sells for N7,000,000 and 2 bedroom flat that sells for N8,000,000 as the best real estate deals presently in town.

If any of our clients (either resident within or in the Diaspora) that is interested in real estate investment in Nigeria buys 2 units of 2 bedroom flat from Gracias Residences, that will sum up to just N16,000,000. 

Considering the high cost of building materials in the country, the cost of labour and other miscellaneous expenses, it is glaring that Gracias Residences is a good buy.

2. The cost of renting a similar apartment at Ibeju  lekki  and its environ is averagely N1,000,000. So rent paid for such apartment for 8 consecutive years will accumulate to the amount you need to own that property now if you are considering Gracias Residences. Considering one of the available houses for sale at Gracias Residences is simply being Pounds wise.

Truth is paying N8,000,000 at one go for Gracias Residences might not be very easy for you and many other clients, so the developers of the estate made the payment plan very flexible. See the payment plan below:
Payment Plan:
a. Outright Payment
One Bedroom Flat –  N7m
Two Bedroom Flat – N8m
b. 3 Months Payment Plan
One Bedroom Flat –  N7.250m
Two Bedroom Flat – N8.250m
c. 6 Months Payment Plan
One Bedroom Flat –  N7.5m
Two Bedroom Flat – N8.5m
d. 9 Months Payment Plan
One Bedroom Flat –  N7.750m
Two Bedroom Flat – N8.750m
e. 12 Months Payment Plan
One Bedroom Flat –  N8m
Two Bedroom Flat – N9m
You can pay a minimum of 20% initial deposit and balance off with your monthly installments as agreed between you and the developer. At the payment of 20% initial deposit to the developers, you will be given receipt of payment, invoice and contract of sale. The house will be allocated to you when 75% of the money has been paid.
It is important to note that the flat will be delivered with all external finished, walls plastered, all windows and main external doors fixed, external painting done, electrical and plumbing piping done and upper floor ceiling done.
The internal fittings will be left for the client to do to his/her taste. In case you want the developer to do the internal fittings, that will require additional cost depending on the quality of materials chosen by the client. There are 3 categories of quality you can choose from; category A, B and C.
Gracias Residences has admirable estate features comprising of accessible roads, perimeter fencing, drinkable water connection, street light, CCTV camera, Drainage system, sanitary sewer system and 24 hours electricity by solar and inverter.
Being in the neighbourhood of Gracias Commercial Estate, Rehoboth Estate, Dangote Refinery Complex, Power Oil Industry, Kellogg International Ltd, Lekki Deep Sea Port, Lekki Free Trade Zone, LaCampaigne Tropicana Resort, Several Private Beaches and Several Upcoming Estates will make investor of Gracias Residences enjoy supernormal capital gain on their investment.
Additional Information
Location of the estate: Moonstone, Okunraiye Town, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.
Title: Certificate of Occupancy
VAT: 5% of the total cost of the house
Legal Documentation: Deed of assignment is 5% of the total cost of the house
Development levy: N2,000,000 (can be paid installmentally).

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