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Highly Flexible Payment Plan

pay in several instalments

Every smart investment-oriented person knows that real estate is a passive way of earning good long-term income. But affordability is a problem for most people. The challenge is less of the huge cost but the lump sum. Also read: Real Estate Investing In Nigeria: A Pro’s Analysis Of Risk And Returns These costs include: The…

Houses For Sale In Ibeju Lekki: Gracias Residences

Houses for Sale in Lekki

Introduction Among the available houses for sale in Ibeju Lekki, my team and I took a special interest in Gracias Residences for 2 main reasons: Gracias Residences is very affordable. When we compared Gracias Residences to Amen Estate Phase 2, Gracias stood out in terms of price. Although they share the same landmarks, the cost…

Frontier Properties

Frontier Properties Gate house

Introducing Frontier Properties The developers of Frontier Properties/Estate are goal-getters who have, over the years, shown expertise in delivering homes that inspire and whisper fresh bouts of comfort, sensational bliss, and a life that resonates with real estate investors’ desires. Also, they are known to have developed and offered 1000s of plots of land for…

Free Insight On 8 Important Land Title Documents

Land Title Documents jpg

A property without title documents is as good as non-existent. Knowing the title documents to watch out for when buying a parcel of land or property is a good step for getting value for your hard-earned money. In this article, we will detail the much you should know about land title documents in the following…