Queens Park Estate Karshi is a promising investment property for sale in Abuja, Nigeria. It’s driven by the success story of Queens Park Estate Phase 2, Mowe Ofada. Within 3-years of its launch, investors in Queens Park Estate, Mowe Ofada got a Return on Investment of over 430%.

Which estate project could be more profitable than this?

The secret of the success of Queens Park Estate, Mowe Ofada lies in its strategically located environment that attracts commerce, industries, businesses, investors, and favorable government policies.

It is this same strategy we applied to the siting of Queens Park Estate Karshi, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria.

The Siting Of Queens Park Estate Karshi Abuja F.C.T

Queens Park Estate Karshi shares the same elite neighbourhood with Union Homes, Ave Maria University, Naval Estate 2, Gatham City Estate, Civil Defence Estate, and several other amazing projects.

Projects like these drive the value of properties for sale in this neighbourhood high in the shortest possible time, and investors will smile to the bank as they did with our previous estate projects.

We will install:

  1. 24-hour state-of-the-art security system and smart access control,
  2. A water treatment plant,
  3. Green area for improved air quality and enhanced bio-diversity,
  4. Perimeter fencing,
  5. Motorable and accessible roads,
  6. Estate gatehouse, and
  7. Quality electricity.

Most importantly, the title document of the estate is a Certificate of Occupancy. Thus, your investment in this project is 100% secured.

Price List Of This Property

Considering the fact that we are at a pre-launch, we offer this property for sale in Abuja at a giveaway as follows:


300 Square Metres Residential Plots (Payment Plans)

0 – 3 Months Plan

6 Months Plan12 Months Plan18 Months Plan

24 Months Plan


Initial deposit: N300,000


500 Square Metres Residential Plots (Payment Plans)

0 – 3 Months Plan

6 Months Plan12 Months Plan18 Months Plan

24 Months Plan


Initial deposit: N300,000

Considering the title document, location, and its neighbourhood, Queens Park Estate Karshi, Abuja, is a cheap investment property for sale with limited plots.

For more inquiries, call +2348037843617, or email: [email protected]