Before I talk about Amen Estate Phase 3, let me tell you about its Phase 1 and 2 projects. So that you can have a glimpse of the reason they were the most cherished houses and plots of land for sale at Ibeju Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.

Amen Estate Phase 1

The developer came up with the first project and tagged it Amen Estate 1. The promises for the project were huge. People thought we wouldn’t deliver on it but we surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Amen Estate Phase 1 housed over 700 beautiful and affordable homes with the highest quality materials available at Ibeju Lekki, along Eleko Beach Road. It supplied uninterrupted and 100% independent and noiseless sourced power with an advanced underground cable network.

The living rooms are luxuriously furnished to our client’s taste and the apartments are fitted with the best modern installations needed to make their lives a worthy experience. Living in this Iconic estate gives a modern lifestyle.

Little wonder, Nigerians in the Diaspora esteemed Amen – the best land for sale at Ibeju Lekki.

Interested? Wow! Unfortunately, you don’t need to ask what Amen Estate Phase 1 price is because it is fully sold out. What signal does this send? It is one of Lagos luxury estates.

See How We Improved On Phase 2

That’s why when we launched Amen Estate Phase 2 (Ibeju Lekki), smart investors took advantage of it. Its Return on Investment is presently N15,000,000 which is a 150% rise in value in just about 3-4 years. Obviously, the developer of this estate is one of the few highly rated real estate investment companies in Nigeria.

In case you are wondering what Amen Estate Phase 2 current price is, it has been on a constant rise. In short, we’ve sold out the residential estate.

Amen Estate review has been very positive, making it needful for anyone buying property in Nigeria to refuse to miss out on it. Its houses and land design were carefully thought out to make homeowners grin with envy on Eleko Beach Road.

Its progress has been amazing and applauding. Hundreds of gracious architectures with ambience and dignity in estate living have been provided and hundreds more are near full completion.

As earlier said, we’ve fully sold out its residential plot of land. However, it has a duplex for sale, 2 bedroom house for sale, and up to 6 bedroom house for sale. They are all new houses for sale but they are not among the cheap houses for sale at Ibeju Lekki, Lagos state. Nevertheless, they are more than worth it. Less I forget our houses for sale with pool are amazing.

Amen Estate Phase 3 Is The Real Deal

Out of popular demand by those who missed out on Amen Estate Phase 1 and 2, the developer launched Amen Estate Phase 3 in January 2022. Its prelaunch price was #10,000,000 but its current selling price is #26,000,000 outright payment.

This phase of Amen Estate has a flexible payment plan of up to 18 months payment with an initial payment of #2,000,000. It also has a clean layout design.

This serene estate is dry land and its title deeds are Certificate of Occupancy and registered survey. The land size of this Lagos most sought-after estate is 500 square meters per plot. It doubles as a commercial and a residential estate with the residential estate significantly separated from the commercial.

This estate will be one of the best estates in Nigeria with great estate facilities like underground drainage systems, independent and uninterrupted electricity supply. It promises solar-powered street lighting, clean and treated water supply, state-of-the-art waste management systems and paved network of roads. There will also be perimeter fencing, tight security, security cams, a security gatehouse, ground swimming pools, etc.

We guarantee instant allocation and allow your desired design (if you have a beautiful one). Most importantly, Amen Estate Phase 2 progress will be nothing compared to Phase 3 because we have a culture of excellence and improvement on past achievements.

The industrial activities and neighbourhood of Phase 3 (like the Lagos Free Trade Zone) will keep its value rising reasonably into the foreseeable future.

The Deep Sea Port, Dangote Fertilizer, Power Oil Production Plant, Lagos Free Trade Zone, Pan-African University and Dangote Petrochemical Refinery will attract hundreds of thousands of people who will need residential apartments in the area.

Amen Estate Price List

The most recent price of Amen Estate Phase 3 as of 26 September 2022 is presented below:

#26 million for 500 square metres when payment is made outright

#27.3 million for 500 square metres when payment is spread over 6 months

#28.6 million for 500 square metres when payment is spread over 1 year

Amen Estate Phase 3 Price List

The current price list has risen significantly compared to the previous as shown in the table below:

 Amen Estate Phase 3 price

Where Is Amen Estate Phase 3 Located?

The estate is less than 5 minutes from Amen Estate Phase 2 location. It is a Lagos property situated at Ibeju Lekki, close to Pan Atlantic University, Off Lekki Epe Express Road, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State Nigeria.

Phase 3 of Amen Estate is directly adjacent to the proposed Lekki-Epe International Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions About Amen Estate Phase 3

Some of our clients have been asking a series of questions about Amen Estate Phase 3. We compiled these questions and their answers in 2 JPG files below. Please download and read them if you want to know more about this property.

Answers to all the FAQs we've received

More answers to the FAQs we've received

If you want to buy a house or be a land owner at Ibeju Lekki Lagos, and Amen Estate Phase 3 looks like your choice home-investment location, you can call +2348037843617 or email: [email protected]

Don’t forget that Amen Estate Phase 3 will also have a housing option like its duplex for sale, 2 bedroom house for sale, 3 bedroom semi-detached duplex, and up to 6 bedroom house for sale.

To get the prices of houses at Amen Estate Phase 3, also reach out to the contacts above.