Nigeria’s diversity is mirrored in its states, each offering unique opportunities for property investment. In Nigeria, the size of a state doesn’t necessarily define its potential. While many wonder, “What is the smallest state in Nigeria?” or “Is Lagos the smallest state in Nigeria?” it’s crucial to look beyond size and explore the inherent opportunities within these states.

Whether you’re a local looking to invest in property or an international investor seeking new markets, knowing which state is the smallest state in Nigeria and its property investment potential can be immensely beneficial. Using a mix of pidgin and English, let’s dive into the 10 smallest states in Nigeria and discover the property investment opportunities they offer.

  1. Lagos State

  • Landmass: 3,345 sq km
  • Population: Approximately 15.77 million
  • Dominant Language: Yoruba
  • Culture: Vibrant and cosmopolitan, Lagos is known for its bustling economy and diverse cultural heritage.
  • Investment Potential: As Nigeria’s commercial hub, Lagos offers vast opportunities in real estate, technology, finance, and entertainment industries.
  • Property Investment Potential: Lagos is Nigeria’s commercial hub with high demand for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Areas like Victoria Island and Lekki are particularly attractive for property investors.

is lagos the smallest state in Nigeria

Lagos State, wey dem dey call “the smallest state for Nigeria” because e get small area of 3,345 sq km, get population wey dey reach about 16.53 million, wey make am dey very busy economic center. Lagos na place wey get lively Yoruba culture and different people wey dey live for there, and e dey give better chance for house, shop, and factory investment.

Di state strategic location, strong infrastructure, and active economy make am very attractive for investors wey dey look for property to buy. Even though Lagos na di smallest state for Nigeria based on land area, Lagos real estate market still dey shine, because plenty people dey always look for house and di city dey always expand.

  1. Anambra State

  • Landmass: 4,844 sq km
  • Population: Approximately 7.3 million
  • Dominant Language: Igbo
  • Culture: Rich in Igbo traditions, Anambra is known for its festivals, crafts, and historical sites.
  • Investment Potential: Key sectors include agriculture, trade, and manufacturing, with a growing interest in education and healthcare services.
  • Property Investment Potential: With growing urban centers like Awka and Onitsha, Anambra offers opportunities in residential and commercial real estate, especially in areas experiencing rapid development.

names of states in Nigeria

As one of di smallest states for Nigeria, Anambra State get special property investment chances wey dey come from di strong commercial activities and di strategic position inside Nigeria. Di state economic activity, especially for places like Onitsha and Awka, dey create better condition for building plenty houses.

Investors fit use dis chance for house, shop, and market business, because of di state strong business environment and market. Anambra cultural diversity and di spirit wey people get for business, dey make di state attractive for property developers wey dey find growth and profit for Nigeria market.

  1. Imo State

  • Landmass: 5,530 sq km
  • Population: Approximately 6.07 million
  • Dominant Language: Igbo
  • Culture: Imo celebrates a vibrant Igbo culture, with a focus on arts, music, and traditional ceremonies.
  • Investment Potential: Potential sectors are oil and gas, agriculture, tourism, and education.
  • Property Investment Potential: Owerri, the state capital, is a key area for property investments, particularly in residential and hospitality sectors, due to its growing population and economic activities.

smallest state in Nigeria

As di capital city of Imo State, Owerri don face insecurity wahala for recent years wey don affect both di infrastructure and economy. Despite dis, Owerri still dey attract plenty property investments, especially for houses and hotels, even though e be one of di smallest states for Nigeria.

Di city resilient population and efforts to handle di security challenges dey increase demand for different types of houses, from cheap ones to luxury ones, wey go fit meet di needs of di growing population. Besides dis, di hospitality industry dey grow well, and development still dey go on to support business travelers and tourists, wey dey show say Owerri get potential as strategic place for investment, despite di challenges wey dey ground.

  1. Ebonyi State

  • Landmass: 5,670 sq km
  • Population: Approximately 4 million
  • Dominant Language: Igbo
  • Culture: Known for its agricultural produce, Ebonyi’s culture is deeply rooted in farming and traditional practices.
  • Investment Potential: Agriculture, mining, and infrastructure development present significant opportunities.
  • Property Investment Potential: Investment opportunities in Abakaliki, the state capital, are rising, especially in residential properties and agro-based industrial facilities.

which state has the smallest local government in Nigeria

Investment opportunities for Abakaliki, wey be Ebonyi State capital and one of Nigeria small states, dey grow wella, especially for house and farming industries. Di city strategic location and fertile land make am perfect for building houses wey fit satisfy di growing population.

Apart from dis, di focus on farming industries dey follow Ebonyi State to expand di economy, wey dey give investors big chance for house and farming business, even though di state no get big land like oda Nigerian states.

  1. Abia State

biggest state in Nigeria

Aba and Umuahia, wey dey inside Abia State, get big potential for property investment because dem be busy commercial centers for Nigeria. Even though dem no be among di biggest states for Nigeria, dem dey promise better opportunity for both house and shop investment.

Aba, wey dey known for manufacturing and trade, and Umuahia, wey get administrative importance, dey attractive for investors wey wan tap into di state vibrant industry and business activities, wey put dem for good position inside Nigeria.

  1. Ekiti State

  • Landmass: 6,353 sq km
  • Population: Approximately 3.39 million
  • Dominant Language: Yoruba
  • Culture: Ekiti is renowned for its commitment to education and its rich Yoruba cultural festivals.
  • Investment Potential: Education, agriculture, and tourism are key investment areas.
  • Property Investment Potential: Ado-Ekiti, the state capital, offers promising opportunities in residential and academic-related properties due to the presence of numerous educational institutions.

the smallest state in Nigeria

Ado-Ekiti, wey be di capital of Ekiti State and one of Nigeria small states, dey show better opportunity for property investment, especially for residential and academic sectors. Di city get attraction sake of plenty big educational institutions wey dey make demand high for student hostels and staff houses.

Investors fit build houses wey go meet di needs of students and staff of Ado-Ekiti educational facilities, tapping into stable market even though di state land no big like oda Nigerian states.

  1. Akwa Ibom State

  • Landmass: 7,081 sq km
  • Population: Approximately 5.78 million
  • Dominant Language: Ibibio
  • Culture: Akwa Ibom is known for its hospitality, cuisine, and vibrant cultural festivals.
  • Investment Potential: Oil and gas, manufacturing, and agriculture offer robust opportunities.
  • Property Investment Potential: Uyo, the state capital, offers excellent opportunities in residential and commercial real estate. The state’s focus on infrastructure and industrial development makes it a lucrative destination for property investors.

top 20 most populated state in nigeria

In the heart of Akwa Ibom State, plenty dey for property investors wey wan explore residential and commercial real estate. The state dey focus well on infrastructure and industrial development, making am a prime destination for investors wey wan cash in on the vibrant Nigerian property market.

With these advantages and proactive strategies, Akwa Ibom State dey shine bright with unique opportunities wey fit investors wey sabi dey look for better investment.

  1. Enugu State

  • Landmass: 7,161 sq km
  • Population: Approximately 5.4 million
  • Dominant Language: Igbo
  • Culture: Enugu, the “Coal City,” has a vibrant culture centered on music, dance, and local cuisine.
  • Investment Potential: Mining, real estate, and tourism are thriving sectors.
  • Property Investment Potential: Enugu city is a hotspot for property investors, particularly in the residential and commercial sectors, driven by its status as a major urban center in the southeast.

Enugu State

Even though Enugu state no be as big as oda states, di city of Enugu, wey dey for southeast Nigeria and known for di plenty activities, na prime choice for investors wey dey find residential and commercial opportunities. Di city central location and active economy dey attract plenty real estate development to meet di high demand for houses and business places.

  1. Osun State

  • Landmass: 9,251 sq km
  • Population: Approximately 4.24 million
  • Dominant Language: Yoruba
  • Culture: Osun is famous for the Osun-Osogbo Festival and its deep-rooted Yoruba traditions.
  • Investment Potential: Tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing are significant areas of growth.
  • Property Investment Potential: Osogbo, the state capital, and Ile-Ife offer good opportunities for residential and tourism-related properties, benefiting from cultural tourism and educational institutions.

Osun Town

For Osun State, both di capital and Ile-Ife dey show better opportunities for property investors, especially for residential and tourism sectors. Dem dey tap into cultural tourism and educational institutions wey dey make di place attractive for real estate development.

Even though dem no be as big as oda Nigerian states, Osun State cultural heritage and educational facilities dey bring steady demand for housing and tourism-related properties, wey fit bring better opportunity for investors wey sabi for Nigerian market.

  1. Bayelsa State

  • Landmass: 10,773 sq km
  • Population: Approximately 2.39 million
  • Dominant Language: Ijaw
  • Culture: Bayelsa is rich in cultural heritage and natural resources, particularly oil.
  • Investment Potential: Bayelsa State offers significant investment potential in the oil and gas sector, bolstered by its abundant natural resources and strategic location.
  • Property Investment Potential: Yenagoa, the state capital, has growing prospects in residential and commercial properties, supported by the state’s oil wealth and infrastructural development.

Bayelsa State

All thanks to di plenty oil wealth wey dey di area, Yenagoa get serious prospect for residential and commercial properties. Dis dey attract property investors wey dey eye dis opportunity, even though di state no be di biggest for Nigeria and no get much infrastructural development.


As you dey look into di smallest states for Nigeria and their property investment potential, you go find say dem get plenti opportunities pass wetin dem size fit show. Each state, wit im unique culture, language, and economic activities, dey bring different advantages for property investors.

As investors focus on these smaller states, dem fit discover new markets wey them never tap and fit help for di development and growth of di region. So, wen you dey reason which state be di smallest for Nigeria, remember say these states get big potential for property investment wey fit bring better returns and growth for inside di busy Nigerian market.



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